rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


A whole week without Internets! Almost all because I changed the name on my telephone bill.

It was supposed to go off on Tuesday, but it went off on Monday. As it wasn't back on by Friday, I decided to call AT&T to see what was holding it up. That's when I discovered that I had no dial tone. I don't make a lot of calls, and didn't notice that I hadn't been getting my usual incoming spam calls, so I have no idea how long the phone was off. It wasn't supposed to go off at all, so I used a neighbor's phone to call AT&T to report the problem. As it was Friday, they couldn't get a technician out until today. I thought maybe it was a mistake due to the name change, or perhaps a delayed effect of the tree that fell and took out some cables up the block a couple of weeks ago, but it turned out that a squirrel had gnawed through my wire. Another peril of life in the backwaters.

Once the telephone service was restored I had to reinstall the Internets, and that took about two hours, including a phone call to AT&T tech support. I don't think I got to talk to a guy in India this time. Jonathan had no trace of an Indian accent. If he was from India, he was flawless at imitating American speech. If he was American, he ought to have given his name as Ramish or Mithun or Ajay. As Indian tech guys always adopt western pseudonyms, it would only be fair for Americans to use Indian pseudonyms. It would give the experience a pleasing symmetry. It would be nice if there were something pleasing about the process of installing Internets.

Anyway, now I have a week of Internot to catch up on. As I haven't had enough sleep lately, despite my Internet-free state, I'll probably conk out and never get around to finishing the task. It's a good thing absolutely nothing of interest has happened here in the last week or I'd have to write an actual update, too.

The fire is still burning, of course, and has devoured upward of 70,000 acres, but the wind has mostly carried the smoke away from my area so the air hasn't been bad too often. With luck, the fire will be out in a week or so and late summer won't have to stink at all. The nights are already getting much cooler than they were, too, so I'm a lot less grumpy than I was a week ago. It's about time.

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