rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


My death from coughing up both lungs may be postponed by at least one day. Even though the fire is still burning, the smoke went some other direction most of the day today, and I was able to breath much better. There was still coughing, of course, as my lungs were taking advantage of the respite to clear themselves of the accumulated gunk they'd picked up recently, but it was the good kind of coughing (coughing that accomplishes its purpose rather then dislodging the lung itself.)

I don't know how long the respite will last. It could be smoky again by morning, but so far tonight I'm not smelling any. It's going to be getting way hot again, though, so even if the air stays clear it's going to be uncomfortable. I can't wait for August to be over. If anybody knows how to speed the earth in its orbit, please do so.

Damn. I just had to squash a mosquito on my monitor. Now I have to clean it off. Small but gross.

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