rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Dim Summertime

Breezes from the east have been blowing the smoke my way since late yesterday evening. The air is so smoky that I can't tell if the clouds that are supposed to bring thunderstorms tonight are here yet or not. I haven't heard any thunder, but there could be lightning strikes up in the mountains, to distant for the sound to carry here. Storms this time of year are four or five times as likely to being dry lightning as they are to bring rain, so I'm not expecting it to get wet. It would be nice if it did, though.

The house across the street and one door up the block, vacant for several months, has been rented. There is a U-haul truck in its driveway right now. I haven't seen any dogs yet. If a dog moves in there, it and the dog who recently moved in next door to me will be able to bark back and forth at each other, sending coded messages, even though they won't be able to see one another. It always worries me when dogs do that. I'm sure they are up to no good.

There's an opportunity to buy a large amount of frozen food cheap tomorrow, but I'm not sure I should take advantage of it. Power outages are too common this time of year, and I just escaped losing quite a bit of frozen stuff to the outage we had a couple of weeks ago when the falling tree took down the wires. If it half-thaws when you are unable to arrange alternate storage, cheap frozen food is no bargain. I'm really lusting after the cheap Drumsticks, though (the chocolate-dipped, peanut-encrusted ice cream cones Drumsticks, not the drumsticks that come off of dead chickens.) It's been years since I had a Drumstick, and it would be a perfect summer nostalgia-inducer. I could use some nostalgia when I'm being forced to inhale carbonized chaparral and squirrels day after day while drenched in sweat.

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