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The Usual Crap [Jul. 23rd, 2012|09:48 pm]
The sultriness continues, but at least I'm not smelling any smoke so far tonight. That makes up for the infestation of ants I had in the kitchen this afternoon. There were only a few dozen, but I was surprised to see any. The ants usually come into the house only when there has been a lot of rain, and all we've had lately was that brief sprinkle a few days ago. Anyway, I smacked most of them and washed the cadavers down the drain, and the room stank of formic acid until I washed the counters. Now it stinks of cleanser, but that's marginally better than formic acid.

It's going to get slightly cooler for a few days now, but it's still going to be July. I'm short of fresh fruit this week, too, as nothing was reasonably priced but the plums, bananas and oranges, and I forgot to buy oranges. I'd really like another casaba, but nobody is selling melons cheap this year. If I have to choose between melons and fire insurance I'm getting the insurance. I fear constipation less than conflagration.

Google Books asked me to take a survey, so I did. I got to the page with a comment form asking for additional remarks and wrote quite a bit that I considered useful information. When I hit the "continue" button at the bottom of the page the whole survey just vanished. I couldn't get back from that blank page no matter what I tried. The conclusion I came to is that Google is not really interested in my feedback. In fact, the thing probably crashed because I took too long to write my comment. It ought to have been designed to anticipate long comments. It's another example of why to their motto "don't be evil" Google needs to add "and don't be stupid."

Maybe the kitchen is now cool enough (and the cleanser smell has worn off enough) that I can now make dinner. I'm getting tired of these belated meals.