rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


This morning I had the summer luxury of being cold without spending a cent on air conditioning. The ocean air is invading, bringing cirrus clouds and stiff breezes. The day never got hot. The only bad thing was a smell of skunk that lingered for hours. The skunk must be dead, or it wouldn't have reeked for such a long time. I looked all around my yard and up and down my block and didn't see a skunk cadaver, so I'm guessing it's road kill on or near the cross street. I hope it runs out of stink soon.

We get another day of this and then it's back to the heat. It will be barely enough time to recover from the last week. The baked fish I had for dinner tonight helped, though. Portia was pleased as well. She was as tired of sandwiches as I was.

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