rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The cats won't have to starve, or devour all the birds in the neighborhood. I got to the store this afternoon, so there is plenty of cat food for all of them. For me there are cherries and nectarines and Monterey jack cheese. There is also baked macaroni for dinner, on the first really cool night in over a week. All day the wind gusted, but it has calmed down this evening. It's just as well I didn't have time to rake the leaves today, as the wind kept bringing more down. The back lawn has taken on a decidedly autumnal look with all the leaves strewn about. I might get around to raking them tomorrow, if the wind doesn't come back and render the work pointless.

The wind also blew all the smoke from the fires in the coast range seaward, and the sky was clear all day until a few cirrus clouds formed late in the afternoon. It was my idea of a perfect summer day, in fact, and after the sun went behind the trees I spent a pleasant hour listening to the birds and watching the butterflies. I have no idea why, but the butterfly population appears to have rebounded this year. I've been seeing several every day. I guess they flourish in hot summers. For me that's a minor compensation, but a compensation nonetheless, and especially nice on one of the rare mild days such as this.

And now an actual non-sandwich meal.

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