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The sun did not turn red this evening, so the smoke from the fires in the coast range must be blowing the other way. The best news is that it now looks like it could turn fairly cool next week, with highs in the seventies. I hope that the forecast is right, because we could really use a break. It's too late to save the jasmine blossoms, of course, as all but a handful have already withered, but the sourgrass has survived, and a cooler spell will let me keep the rest of the bushes green with a bit less watering. I'm sure the feral cats will be happy to get a break, too. They've been about as lively as meatloaves the last few days.

Portia has been a bit livelier, as she gets to stay in the comparatively cool house, but for some reason she has been wanting to go out to the garage in the afternoons, and there she just lies on a shelf watching Timmy. Timmy doesn't like having her out there, but so far there has been no great violence between them. They glare at each other for a while, and then fall asleep until evening brings a bit of cooling. Then Portia comes in to see if I have anything for dinner that she'd like to get a share of. She'll be disappointed tonight, as I've got tamales, and she doesn't like those at all. I'll probably give her a bit of milk as a consolation prize.

Shopping tomorrow. There are finally some cherries available at a decent price. I really miss the cherry tree in the back yard now. It was nice to be able to pick a couple dozen off the tree in the evenings and sit on the back porch to eat them as the crickets began chirping and the night breeze began rustling the oak leaves. This year the leaves have aged fast from the heat, and there are already a mass of dead ones lying on the ground. I'll take advantage of the cooler weather to get them raked up, although raking in July is an abomination. There ought not to have been so many dead leaves until September.

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