rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The sun has been a big orange ball for about two hours so far this evening, and it is growing steadily dimmer as it sinks toward the horizon. The two fires in the coast range that are causing this have now consumed over 20,000 acres between them. One of the fires might be contained by tomorrow, but the target date for containment of the other, larger, one is July 23. They could both burn far longer, of course. So far I haven't smelled the smoke, but it hazes the greater part of the western half of the sky. The sunset will probably look like an angry bruise.

The people who moved in next door a few days ago have a large propane tank (about five gallons) sitting next to their driveway, about ten feet from the south wall of my house. I don't know if it's empty or full, but it spent several hours in full sunlight on this 100-degree day. I hope the tank is well-made. I don't want to be at the epicenter of the summer's next big fire.

I've resisted turning on the air conditioning even though the indoor temperature hit 83 degrees at seven o'clock. It has dipped just a bit since then, so there's probably no point in mechanically cooling it yet. The outdoor temperature isn't expected to go below 70 tonight, so I want to save the electricity to run the air conditioner for an hour or so early in the morning, to get the place cool enough that I can go to sleep. The heat wave could break tomorrow, but break in this case means only that it will drop into the high eighties for the next few days. I'm ready to call the weather police.

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