rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


My first copy of AOL 7.0 arrived in the mail today. Not only do I have a new coaster, but it came packed in a nice little tin, which I could easily convert to a trivet. AOL is so generous! I realy ought to write to them and thank them for all the coasters they have sent me over the years. (HAH!)

One of my favorite things about spring (hack, sneeze, cough, snort) is that the abundance of new foliage helps to hide all the tatty little houses in the neighborhood- including mine. My afternoon walks are so much more pleasant when I see less of those buildings. I enjoy nights most partly because the buildings can barely be seen. It would be nice if this place had some architecture equal to the natural setting.

Here I am short of time again. I've only been able to snatch a few minutes at the computer before I have to go off and do other things. Happily, Sluggo is behaving much better since I cleaned his fan. When I get the time, I might even be able to set up one of those free home pages, crawling with ads and popups. Oh, the joy! heh

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