rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The sun went down bright orange today. That happens when there is particulate matter from a fire in the air. I haven't heard anything about any fires between here and the sunset, so the detritus must be coming from one of the fires burning far to the south, or a fire in Oregon. I haven't smelled any smoke, so if there's any closer fire I haven't heard about it would have to be downwind— but here there isn't any wind. I feel a very slight breeze when I go outside, but it barely moves the leaves.

All afternoon and evening Portia and the feral cats have been lying about like limp rags. The ferals lie about in shady spots on the lawns or under bushes, but Portia insists on being a lap limp rag. The cat has no sense. She makes my lap hotter and my lap then makes her hotter. The only reason we haven't both burst into flames is because nothing as soggy as us could burn.

I did get a catless hour when I went to the chiropractor, and even got half an hour of air conditioning in his office and at the store where I stopped to pick up a tomato and a bag of walnuts. The tomato and walnuts will not be going into the same dish. The tomato is for the sandwiches and salads I'm eating this week, and the walnuts were just a really good buy. I probably won't use them until the weather cools off and I bake brownies again, although there's always the possibility of an Improved Waldorf salad (pear and banana in place of the grapes.) Tonight it's only a sandwich and green salad, though, and I think the house has cooled off enough that I can eat now.

It would be nice to have a week in Perth this month.

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