rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Time To Get Baked

Tonight I'm going to chance baking some macaroni and cheese. Last night was cool enough that by leaving the windows open all night I got the house down to about 68 degrees, and today was cool enough that with the windows closed all day the house only got back up to 76. The excess heat from baking a casserole for fifteen minutes will be negligible, and I've got all that grated cheese and excess milk I need to use up before it goes bad. Besides, I need something tasty to compensate for last night's stir fry. It did not turn out well, and I scorched the rice to boot. I am not cuisine's friend, but I do make a decent macaroni and cheese.

The vacant house next door suddenly became un-vacant again this afternoon. I don't know if the new occupants have actually moved in, or if they just moved in part of their furniture today. If that was all their stuff, then the family income must be going to pay for the big red truck they drive. Ooh, it's such a shiny truck that I felt about eight years old looking at it. How the eight-year-old me would have loved a shiny red truck such as that! Now, of course, I'd much rather have a comfortable mattress.

The neighbor on the other side has decided to mow his lawn this evening, and the power mower is making such a racket that I can't tell if the crickets are chirping or not. Before he began mowing, the acorn woodpeckers were chattering their evening song, but they have probably departed in disgust at the human's lack of appreciation for their efforts. I'd leave in disgust myself, but I live here, and anyway there's nowhere to go. And I have cooking to do.

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