rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Even though I don't give them much water, the bushes in the front yard have grown huge again. They were all trimmed last year, and I thought it would take them a couple of years at least to get back to the size they were before, but they fooled me. Looking up the block from my room I can see only a small part of one house, and the rest of the street is hidden by shrubbery.

The house directly across the street is more than half hidden by another bush that is about thirty feet from my window, and the drooping limbs of the mulberry tree conceal most of the rest of it. I can't see much of the house across the street and down the block this time of year because it has its own accumulation of trees and shrubs. This place is starting to feel like Day of the Triffids again.

Despite their blockage of the view, I do enjoy the oversize shrubbery. There's something vaguely comical about enormous bushes, and they do, of course, provide splendid homes for the birds. Also, the larger they get the more they conceal my nearly-dead lawn. They are the lipstick on my pig of a front yard.

Speaking of which, I'd better water the sourgrass tonight. There are a couple of hot days ahead, and if it gets too thirsty it will wither and die. Sourgrass goes suddenly, and I think it's the only plant in the yard that's attracting butterflies right now. It just isn't summer without butterflies.

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