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There's a broken sprinkler head in a front lawn down the block and across the street, so for the last few minutes I've had the pleasure of watching a jet of water squirt about four feet into the air. It's like having a fountain on the block. I feel just like a Roman! It's too bad I can't capture the water for my own lawn, though. Aside from the aesthetic pleasure it provides, it's just going to waste. That lawn is green, while mine is already mostly brown.

After a mostly sunny day, clouds are forming again, so we'll probably have a gray sky for sunset. This is a good night for clouds, as it was cool all day and the clouds will hold in some of the little warmth we got. Yesterday morning I actually had to turn the furnace on for a few minutes before taking a shower, the house had gotten so chilly at night. I'd get a small space heater for the bathroom, but there's literally no room for one in there, unless I were to perch it on the back of the toilet. That would just be asking for trouble.

I haven't seen my evening doe for several days now. Maybe she found a group to travel with, and they've got their own route. There've been plenty of birds around, though, especially crows. Afternoon was full of caws, though the birds seldom showed themselves. Now that the foliage on the trees is thick, they can easily remain concealed. I did get buzzed by a hummingbird when I was watering the back yard, though. You'd think that something as small as a hummingbird would be shy, but this one certainly wasn't. It hovered within inches of my head, darted away, then came back and hovered again. It might have been trying to decide if the scent of my shampoo indicated that I was producing nectar or not.

I finally got around to updating my browsers and some other applications. They'd been languishing for some time. I can't say I'm entirely pleased with the latest version of Opera. The "find" function, which I use frequently, has been hidden on the second level of the menu, and there is now a built-in spell check application. I much preferred the independent Aspell application I used to use, but I can't figure out how to disable the new application and go back to Aspell. The new version of Firefox insists on arguing with my security application, and the new version of Flash keeps crashing when I use Google Maps' street view function. YouTube works much better now, though, so I guess I'll just look at it as a case of Geeks giveth and Geeks taketh away.

Oh, the fountain has gone off. Well, it would soon have been too dark to see it anyway. I guess I'll put the wheelie bins out and go fix dinner.

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