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Overcast [Jun. 22nd, 2012|09:02 pm]
There was a genuine overcast all day, and a few sprinkles but no real rain. It could still rain tonight, with a lesser chance of rain tomorrow. Rain or not, it's been nice to have a break from the heat. It was turning the jasmine blossoms brown before their time, and I was feeling as wilted they looked. This evening there's a nice breeze, which makes up for the absence of any discernible sunset and the utter silence of the crickets. The atmosphere is just a bit ominous, though. Despite the fact that I've heard no thunder, there is always the chance that any storm might bring lightning and thus fires this time of year.

I'm also worried about Timmy, the feral cat who lives in the garage. She wasn't very energetic or sociable today, and the food I put out for her earlier is still there, untouched. The last time I saw her she was wandering southward very slowly, and not looking very good. I don't know if she's ill or has suffered an injury, or what, but she's definitely not her usual self. The back yard cats haven't shown any signs of the same behavior, so if there's a cat illness going around they either haven't got it or they haven't yet developed symptoms. I'm keeping an eye on them, although I have no idea what I could do if they do get sick. I certainly can't afford to take a bunch of feral cats to the vet, and probably wouldn't be able to catch them and get them into carriers anyway.

Well, Timmy just returned to the garage, but she isn't looking any livelier. She's usually a very talkative cat, but tonight she's silent. Maybe now she'll curl up in her favorite corner to recuperate from whatever it is that's ailing her. I certainly wouldn't want her to get caught out in the rain.