rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I'm observing flag day this year. Not by displaying a flag, but my energy is flagging. I'm sure that counts.

Today I had to open a window screen to let a crane fly escape the house for the first time this year. A couple of smaller bugs I couldn't identify got out along with it. I hope neither was a mosquito. Mosquitoes are not to be freed, but crushed.

I did manage to get the house secured against the day's heat in good time this morning, so it's only up to 73 degrees right now. Given that the outdoor air could could probably melt a chocolate bar into syrup in less than a minute, that's not bad. If I had a chocolate bar I'd make it into ice cream topping to test the theory. Alas, I have none, and my ice cream will have to go untopped.

This would be a good afternoon for a nap, but I probably wouldn't wake up for several hours, so I don't dare. Maybe a shower instead.

Oh, unseasonably warm temperatures, you annoy me.

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