rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It was really too hot to be going out today, but I had to shop. I was out of cat food, for one thing. The feral kitties get very annoyed when they don't eat. They stare in my back windows with their betrayed, disapproving looks. I have to close the blinds. The deal seems to be that either I feed them cat food or they feed me guilt. So off I went to the store, sweltering. When I got there I discovered that I'd forgotten my reading glasses, so I had to poke my nose almost to the shelves to differentiate one product from another.

I don't think I bought anything I didn't intend to buy or failed to buy something I needed, but we'll see. After I got home I went looking for my reading glasses, but didn't find them until after I'd put the groceries away. If I discover a jar of anchovy paste or some such thing in my cupboard, I'll know how I screwed up.

The good news is that tomorrow won't be quite as hot as today was, but then the bad news is that Wednesday through Sunday are going to be even hotter. June is way too early for an extended heat wave. I hope it doesn't portend records for July and August.

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