rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I went out at the wrong time of the evening and ended up severely mosquito bitten— mostly on the backs of my hands, but there are a few bites on my neck and one particularly itchy one on my left ear. As my glasses are still trying to cut off my right ear, I now have irritations on both sides of my head.

The rain a few days ago must have made lots of puddles for the noxious bugs to hatch in, but the frog population has apparently already thinned out too much to be able to take advantage of either the rain or the abundance of fresh insects. I'm hoping for big swarms of bats to visit the neighborhood tonight.

Early this morning, much to my surprise, the furnace started running. I checked the thermometer and the house had dropped to 62 degrees. It's the second week of June! If San Francisco is going to send us their weather they could at least send us a couple of decent restaurants too. It's only fair.

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