rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Dull Sunday

A whole new crop of dandelions is emerging on my front lawn, but they have hardly any leaves. They are all stalk. Today there were about fifty yellow flowers, and in a day or two there will be fifty fluffy seed heads waiting to take flight and make the neighbors hate me. I just can't bring myself to pluck all those pretty yellow flowers. So sue me.

The cool spell is coming to an end. By Wednesday it will be hot again, and I'm sure the jasmine will be blooming sufficiently to scent the air. It seems like it has been a long wait this year. I really need the jasmine, too, because all the feral cats have taken to using the flower beds near the house as their litter box. Even though I clean it up every couple of days, the yard still reeks of cat poo. Jasmine will be much nicer.

I get to go to the chiropractor this week, too, and not a minute too soon. My neck is unusually stiff. I think it's the boredom and the irregular sleeping schedule. Falling asleep on the couch is not the best thing for a neck. The couch is about three inches too short for me, so my head always ends up getting jammed against the armrest. I have no idea how I even manage to fall asleep in the uncomfortable positions I get forced into, but it happens.

There's no doubt this will be one of those nights when I fall asleep on the couch: it's been one of those days when I've bored even myself. Time to turn on the electric soporific. Why fight it?

Sunday Verse

From Heraclitus

by Alan Dugan

Matter is palsy: the land heaving, water
breaking against it, the planet whirling
days in night. Even at the still point
of night I hear the jockeying for place
of each thing wrestling with itself
to be a wrestler. Is the stress that holds
them, whirling in themselves, an ache?
If so strained to shape and aching for release,
explode to peace! But I am here poised
within this eddy, sentenced to a shape,
and have to wrestle through a gust of violence
before I sleep; so may I make or augment
all these lights at night, so as to give out
all the temporary ornaments I can to peace.


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