rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Mere Damp

A blue jay pecked Portia on the butt this afternoon. Portia was intently watching one squawking bird, and another swooped down and pecked her right at the base of her tail. The poor cat was so startled that she ran back into the garage and leaped up onto a defensible shelf. I couldn't tell if the bird got a divot of her fur or not, but I wouldn't be surprised. Jays have sharp little beaks.

The rain hasn't amounted to much so far. There was just enough drizzle early this afternoon to coax the smell of wet asphalt from the street for a while, but not enough to wash that odor away. It just faded as the street dried. Unless there's more rain in store, this storm won't be saving me anything on my water bill. I still had to irrigate the rose bushes this evening, and all the other plants will be wanting drinks in their turn.

A couple of times I've thought I could hear distant thunder, so maybe the storm is still going on in the mountains. I just hope that lighting isn't setting any fires. Smoke from a forest fire smells much worse than damp asphalt.

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