rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Seasonal Backsliding

The first few jasmine blossoms did indeed open overnight, as I'd expected, but the rest are still coiled and waiting to pop open. They might have to wait until the next warm period, as there is still a chance of rain predicted for tonight and tomorrow, and it is now extended through Saturday.

It's going to get quite chilly tonight, too. The house never really warmed up today, so I'll probably end up having the furnace going again before morning, and perhaps all day tomorrow and Saturday as well. I hate when winter makes a comeback in late May. It ought to be long gone by now.

One of the lamb's ear plants has produced its first flower of the year. There are so many lamb's ear plants in the yard this year that the display should be quite nice once they've all bloomed. I'm expecting at least a dozen of the plants to flower, and maybe more if some of the younger plants that don't have tall stalks yet manage to sprout them.

The feral cats are making a nuisance of themselves. Timmy began hanging around in the garage a few weeks ago, after the other cats drove her from the back yard, and now Jarhead has started making frequent appearances there as well. Portia and Timmy had gotten to the point where they tolerated each other, though barely, but Portia and Jarhead have a mutual antipathy of long standing. If they run into each other when I'm not around there's bound to be a fight, and I'm not sure which cat will get the worst of it. I'd like to keep the garage door open at night for Timmy, but if Jarhead is going to be sticking her nose in there all the time I might have to go back to closing it so Portia can have her rafters back.

One good thing about the cold and possible rain is that it will dampen the pollen that gave me so much misery today. I'm not sure which plants are spewing right now, but they certainly pack a punch.

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