rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It was cool enough today that I can bake a potato for dinner with no risk of getting the house too hot. It's nice when spring is spring-like. The pines have finished spewing pollen, too, and there's probably nothing else pollinating at the moment as I haven't been sneezing. There is, however, a plague of jays this year. Every time Portia goes out they follow her around the front yard. There might be a nest or two in the bushes already. The feral cats appear to have done a good job of keeping them from nesting in the back yard, although the birds do come down to snatch food from the cats' bowls now and then.

Birds of all sorts seem to be more plentiful this year. When the jays aren't screeching, the music is pleasant. A pair of woodpeckers have been hanging out in the mulberry tree this evening, occasionally flying to the utility wires to check on the sunset. In a few minutes they'll probably begin making their chuckling evening songs. I'll leave the windows open long enough to listen to them, then close everything up once they've gone to their nests for the night.

I'm not prepared for the solar eclipse on Sunday. I'd intended to get something to watch it through, but didn't get around to it. It's not certain we'll get to see it here, anyway, as Sunday evening is expected to be mostly cloudy. If the sky clears up for a while I'll probably resort to the old pinhole trick. This is the first time I've ever been right in the path of totality for the annular eclipse, and odds are I'll never get another chance to see one. I'll be very annoyed if the clouds prevent me from seeing it.

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