rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Flee the Flight!

The mosquitoes are feasting on my blood this year. I don't recall having been bitten so much in so short a time since I was a boy living near a vernal pool that, despite its population of frogs, managed to create a veritable metropolis of mosquitoes each year when the warm weather arrived. As rain and warm weather frequently alternated in Los Angeles, there would often be crop after crop of mosquitoes, and I'd be covered with bites through much of the rainy season. Tonight, I feel ten years old again.

The pine pollen plague continues, too, so tonight I'll probably sneeze and snort and cough and scratch for hours. It makes concentration difficult. I think I'll just try to find something fluffy on television to distract me, as far as I can be distracted. I just hope that whatever ponds of puddles are breeding all these mosquitoes dry up soon, or that they are visited by mother of all bat hells tonight.

Now for some ointment.

Sunday Verse

Small Ghost Poem

by Lawrence Raab

Say it's the leaves, the way they rustle.
Say it's a shadow, the scraping of a stick.
Childhood friends, dead and buried—

they're out there now, small ghosts
who never knew when enough was enough.
One who ran into a car, one who tripped

on a stone and fell on a stick that poked
through his heart. Lost and forgotten,
they've gone into the world to become

the snap of a branch, the skittering
of leaves. What are they whispering?
It's late and it's cold. They want to come in.


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