rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The ponderosa pines have begun spewing their pollen, and every paved surface is smeared with yellow tree spooge. It takes about two minutes for me to start sneezing when I go outdoors, and within five minutes I'm stuffed up. Even indoors I'm getting irritation.

I also made the mistake of having beer with my late lunch, and now I feel like I'm about to take a nap. As I can't go out, I might as well sleep. It's very warm, and I can pretend I've fallen asleep on the beach, but I won't get sunburned. If it weren't for the pollen I'd go out and nap on the chaise lounge on the back porch and listen to the afternoon breeze rustling the new leaves. But then if it weren't for the pollen I probably wouldn't be so sleepy.


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