rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Yesterday evening I got a couple of mosquito bites on the back of my left hand, and I must have been scratching them in my sleep. They still itch, but now the scratches around them also sting. Now I've gotten another mosquito bite, right next to my right eye. Next time I sleep I might try to scratch my eye out. I'd better pick up some sort of repellent before I do permanent damage to myself.

Today got pretty hot, and that made me pretty lazy. It takes me some time to get used to the change in temperature when spring starts getting summery, and this year the change has come on suddenly, making adaptation even tougher.

I don't feel like cooking anything for dinner, but hadn't the foresight to pick up much stuff that wouldn't need cooking. I might end up eating cheese and crackers tonight. What the hell, anything is a meal if there's enough beer to wash it down.
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