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Because of the dry winter, they've let Oroville Lake get to 97% of its maximum capacity. If an abundant spring snowmelt were expected, the lake level would have been lowered to accommodate it, but the snow pack is only 40% of normal for this time of year, so as much water as possible is being held in the reservoirs.

I haven't seen the lake anywhere near full capacity for years, so I'd like to go look at it. It won't stay that full for long, even though some water is still coming in. They'll soon have to start sending the water to the irrigated farms down the valley, and the lake's level will steadily drop through the summer.

Summer did not intrude today, though. Morning was quite cool, and afternoon mild. The longer the summer heat is delayed, the better. The nights are warm enough for crickets and the days cool enough for frogs, and that's the best way for spring to be. The ladybugs are happy with the weather, too. There have been quite a few in the yard the last couple of days, and one landed on my sleeve this afternoon. If that had happened in Kentucky I'd be getting a new shirt out of the deal. I hope one lands on my shoes.

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