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Infestation [Apr. 28th, 2012|05:18 pm]
I've opened all the windows, so I'm hearing the screeching of the blue jays who have suddenly appeared in the neighborhood. I've seen a dozen or so of the obnoxious little corvids today, and I'm sure I'm currently hearing at least twice that many. I'm hoping that all the feral cats I've got hanging around will deter the jays from nesting in or near my yard. The screeching of adult jays is annoying, but hungry baby jays make a truly appalling racket. The farther from my house the jays nest, the better.

The windows won't stay open for very long today, though, because it is only moderately warm. The house probably won't warm up enough to prevent the furnace from firing up tonight. In the meantime, I've had to wedge things under various doors thanks to some gusty breezes that periodically slam them. The perils of cross-ventilation. The house being well fenestrated, it's almost as windy indoors as out, and when a gust comes from certain directions it even seems to accelerate when it comes inside. At least there doesn't appear to be much pollen, as I've hardly sneezed at all this afternoon. Tomorrow will be much warmer, and probably sneezier as well.

Timmy and Portia spent quite a bit of time alone together in the garage today. Even though Timmy makes threatening noises at Portia every time she gets near, Portia seems to be tolerating her quite well. Because she was such a good kitty and didn't attack Timmy, despite much provocation, Portia is getting all the lap time she wants this afternoon, although I suspect that this might delay my dinner. She's been napping on me for half an hour and shows no sign of moving anytime soon. This is one of those moments when a bag of kitty treats would come in handy. She'd probably be happy to trade some lap time for something tasty.

Right now there is what looks like a giant fly (about the size of a bumble bee) perched on the wall of the house just outside one of the bedroom windows. When Portia gets up I'll have to close the nearby window, as the cat has the habit of knocking the screen out so she can escape, and then the fly would be apt to get in. I doubt that the huge fly (or whatever it is) is dangerous, but I'd still rather not have it in the house. I'm hoping a bird will eat it and I won't have to think about it any more.

Shopping tomorrow, with a much reduced budget due to the unexpectedly high cost of the dental appointment Wednesday, plus a visit to the chiropractor before my next check gets deposited. I hope there won't be any really good bargains I'll regret being forced to pass up.