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A seriously warm day today, so the furnace probably won't come on until around midnight. I've only just now closed the windows to conserve the heat, but the attic is probably hot enough to raise the house a bit above seventy degrees tonight before it starts to cool off. Fresh air indoors and shirtsleeves. It finally feels like spring. I don't even mind the pollen that's making me sneeze, or the bees who buzzed around me when I went outside.

Portia must be enjoying the change as well. She's certainly in a good mood. When I let her out a few minutes ago Timmy was in the garage, and though Portia chased her into a cubbyhole, all I had to do was scratch her behind the ear for a minute and she decided to ignore the invader and went off to explore the yard. I gave Timmy a bowl of food and have heard no fuss since, so there might not be any further confrontation. I'll have to keep an eye out for when Portia comes back, though, just in case Timmy is still out there.

I got ambitious enough to do a bit of extra cleaning this afternoon, but I didn't do any windows, even though the windows could really use a good cleaning. The outsides still have rain spots on them, and the insides have the usual dust plus a strip of kitty nose prints. I did manage a couple of extra loads of laundry, so the blankets are fresh and so are the rags I keep on the two chairs and the couch in the living room. I really don't like rags on furniture, but the upholstery is so worn that it really needs to be covered up. Plus, kitty barf is more easily removed by laundering a rag than it is by scrubbing upholstery.

The telephone spammers appear to have been made more active by spring as well. I've had three calls today, and there might have been more before I woke up and turned the ringer back on. A call I missed while out watering the poppies might have been a spammer, too. Nobody I know called back later, anyway, so I'm guessing it probably was spam. At least I'm not getting spam from Bank of America anymore since I kicked them to the curb, and my new bank doesn't do spam.

Anyway, spring at last, and there's at least a week of warm weather ahead. The weekend could even turn out to be iced tea weather. Mmm, iced tea. I'm totally ready for it.

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