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A single golden poppy has bloomed in my back yard, bright and cheery under the gray sky. In the southern part of the state the poppies are usually running riot by April, but up here they tend to arrive a bit later. As it's going to be a warm weekend, I expect to have several blooming by Sunday. There are fewer plants this year, but most of them are large and they will probably each produce a dozen or so blossoms over the next couple of weeks. If they keep getting water, they could bloom clear into summer, but despite the overcast today there is unlikely to be any more rain this season. I'll probably irrigate them for a while.

Right now there are a couple of acorn woodpeckers hopping around in the mulberry tree, which has also started blooming. Every time the birds move to a different branch, the jar of their sudden weight jiggles it and releases little puffs of pollen from the blossoms. That's going to be happening for a couple of weeks. Fortunately, Safeway has Kleenex on sale this week. In a typical spring, about 400 tissues will get me through the peak of the pollen season. I hope they don't run out before I go shopping. Hundreds of other allergy victims will be wanting to stock up on it too.

Now that the rain is over, the tom cats are hanging around again. My yard will soon reek of feline pheromones. Worse, at least one of them has marked inside my garage. Portia is livid. The garage is hers! Every time she goes out now she puts her ears back as soon as she smells the tom spray. She hates the tom cats, but is afraid of them, so she usually doesn't stay out long if their smell is around, and sometimes she refuses to go out at all, even when the garage door is closed. I'll have to get in touch with the feral cat agency to see about getting at lest some of the toms trapped and neutered. It they don't get neutered, they're likely to get caught when animal control does its next sweep of the neighborhood, and then they'll just get put down.

The clouds just developed a thin rift through which the sunlight is shining, though the sun itself is still hidden. The bright spot is kind of creepy. It looks like a big eye staring down. Although there isn't supposed to be any rain tonight, the air feels electric, as though there could be a lightning storm building up. I hope not. April is a month for disasters. Speaking of which, happy 106th anniversary to the San Francisco earthquake of 1906. No returns, though, kthxby.

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