rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Wasting Time

Still no headphones. The kid working at Radio Shack had a brain the size of a pea. He couldn't answer any of my questions. He looked like a geek, but I think he was just passing for one. He was probably just a common nerd. I learned something, anyway. Just because a guy has his oily hair parted in the middle doesn't mean he knows anything about electronics.

If I could get down to the river today, I could freeze my toes. The snowmelt is not much above freezing, but the sun is bright and the air temperature is over 80. The fruitless mullberry tree is growing those little green things that look like caterpillars. They carry the pollen. In the sunlight, I see little puffs of it being spewed into the air. This is always a sign that the allergy season is about to peak. At the moment, my head feels about three times it's normal size. Ah, spring.

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