rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

As Luck Would Have It.

Today's storm is just ending, and the street and the rooftops of the houses are steaming as the sunlight emerges. The drops of water on the mulberry twigs are almost too bright to look at. The storm itself was brighter than storms have been of late, and I enjoyed watching the raindrops splash on the wet pavement that reflected the luminous gray clouds. There were a couple of furious downpours, and the downspouts gushed great streams of churning white water. It was splendidly noisy. I expected a bit of thunder and lighting, and maybe some hail, but none came. I think this might be only a break in the storm, and not its end, as spring rain usually ends with electrical discharges.

Several of the oak trees are looking quite green now, the damp making the fresh leaves especially bright. Though chilly, the afternoon looks very springlike, at last, and birds have emerged from their sheltered spots and are filling the air with chirps and trills. Very high up a few crows are flying, but they are too far above to be heard. The woodpeckers are making themselves scarce, but will probably return in the early evening, when they like to perform duets with the frogs. It's going to be a cold night again, but I'm looking forward to a much milder day tomorrow.

Oh, I just noticed that today is Friday the 13th. And me without a black cat. I'll have to make do with black and white Portia, who is on my lap, purring. How did I get so lucky? And there are parsnips for dinner! That's very lucky indeed!

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