rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

In Which He Wishes to Have Gas

The sky is turning steely again, and another slow storm is expected to arrive tomorrow. Once again, trash day is likely to be wet. I got lucky last week, when the rain held off until I had brought the wheelie bins back in. Given the look of the sky this evening, I might not be so lucky tomorrow. There could be another whole week of wetness, which would be one less week of needing to water the yard, so that's good. Anything that keeps the forest damp as summer approaches is good, unless it brings lightning, of course.

Last week's storm was lightning free until its final moments, when I heard a single loud thunderclap very near, just before the rain stopped. That's the most disturbing thing about spring storms. I don't want all my electrical gadgets fried by high voltage, nor do I want any nearby trees to get knocked down, and it would probably be possible for a single lightning strike to accomplish both at once. Plus I've got three fairly costly pieces of fish in my freezer, and getting the power knocked out for any length of time would leave me with no way to either keep them frozen or to cook them. Spring is the time when I most wish I had a gas oven.

Timmy the feral cat hasn't been around much for the last couple of weeks. A couple of times she has shown up at night in the garage, and I've let her come into the house to eat. When she tries to eat on the back porch, the other cats run her off if they spot her. She has alienated all three of them. She was always the most aggressive of the cats, and tried to boss all of them around. Apparently they finally got tired of it and decided to gang up on her, so now she's felis non grata in her old territory.

In the meantime, her pretty litter mate, having grown more confident, has become much friendlier toward me and even lets me pet her now and then. She's actually gotten to be bit of a nuisance, as she insists on weaving around my feet every time I go out back. Maybe she thinks if she can knock me down, she can devour me. She's probably tired of dry cat food. She ought to show some patience. If the power goes out she might get some half-thawed fish.

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