rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


We got not only sun showers this afternoon, we got some rare sun popcorn snow and a little bit of the even rarer sun sleet. Sleet looks nice falling through sunlight. This was the first time I've ever seen it. Most of the gaps in the clouds have closed now, but the overcast is thin and the setting sun has found one of the remaining gaps and is turning the underside of the clouds gold. I'm watching to see if there will be another shower. It would be a bit of compensation for enduring the outrageously unseasonable coldness of the air. WTF, April?

I didn't take a shower last night because the house was too cold. Now it's even colder, and I can't put off showering for another day or my head will get itchy. I hate when my head gets itchy. Also when my fingers get cold. It makes typing unpleasant. The cold must be worse for the little winged insects who have lately hatched out, though, expecting spring and finding instead a lingering winter.

There are a few little bugs with a black and yellow checkerboard pattern on them who have taken refuge in my room. I'm sure they'd much rather be outdoors, but it is so cold out there that they'd probably die. Instead, they are sitting on the cloth I use to dust the screen of my monitor. The cloth is probably being warmed a bit by the heat from my desk lamp, so is probably the most comfortable spot they can find. I feel bad that I'm going to turn the lamp off shortly when I go make dinner. Well, maybe the bugs can crawl into the folds of the cloth to stay a bit warmer. I'm going to have the oven on to bake macaroni. I'll bet those bugs wish they had ovens.

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