rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The rain held off until nightfall, so I didn't get wet. Neither did the hummingbird that, this afternoon, visited the big bush in the front yard that has started flowering. The bush has clusters of small white blossoms that don't smell very good, but the hummingbird didn't seem to mind the odor. It was the first hummingbird I've seen this year. It might have shown up a bit too early for its own good, if the icy rain that's now falling is any indication.

Whatever the birds think, the rain is probably a good thing. Despite a wet March, the snowpack is only about 55% of normal, so drought still threatens. A cool, wet April could push the total up to something less ominous, though anything near actual normal is probably out of the question this late. Thanks to soggy March, though, the streams are running nicely for now, and the frogs are still providing nightly concerts. It could be worse.

The head yanking went well this afternoon, and my neck and left shoulder are feeling considerably better than they have for the last few days. What another prolonged cold, wet spell will do to them I don't know, but it's nice to have one evening without the constant annoyance of being unable to find a comfortable position.

Now I'm going to go eat my terribly late dinner, and have one of the last two bottles of Guinness.

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