rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Red and Gray

The two big bushes in my front yard that get bright red new growth in the spring are especially vivid this year. I'd have thought that the repeated bouts of cold would have stunted their growth, but it hasn't. They got drastically trimmed last year, and are now burgeoning. I think they are some variety of photinia, but I think of them as bird condo bushes, because there are always nests deep within their dense foliage in the spring. I sometimes hear the birds fluttering in them in the quiet hours of the night.

The overcast day made the new red leaves seem even more vivid than usual, while the green old growth was subdued. As evening fell, I saw several small birds burrow into the plants one by one. The afternoon had been dry, but rain began falling again as the birds retreated to their nests, and now the dusk is full of dripping sounds. If tonight is like last night, the birds will need all that new foliage to help keep the rain off of them. Though we had no heavy downpours, the steady drizzle persisted all night, then ended with the morning twilight. This is likely to be the pattern for the next several days. I'm glad the bushes will be providing some cheerful color to enliven the gray week.

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