rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Cat Stuff

One of the feral cats was coming home from an exploration when I let Portia out through the garage. Portia spotted the other kitty and took off, chasing her across the street. I heard some yelps and snarls from a clump of bushes, and then Portia emerged looking very pleased with herself. When she come back, I put her in the house and closed the garage door for the night, so she won't be going out beating up any more smaller cats. She has no idea that she's being punished.

She might be getting a worse punishment than getting stuck indoors earlier than she's accustomed to. The feral cats have all been sneezing lately, and I don't think it's from allergies. They've caught a virus of some sort, and now Portia will probably get it too if she managed to come into contact with any infected feral kitty spit. This is the first time she's given any of the three young cats any actual beating. Usually she just growls and hisses until they go away. I guess she's getting bolder, but she sure picked a bad time to do it. If she catches the virus, I'll probably be wiping up cat sneeze residue from the furniture for days.

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