rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The daffodils in the front yard are blooming more profusely than the daffodils in the back yard. It might be that the plants in the front yard, west of the house, are getting more sunlight than those in the back. This evening, for example, the sun has emerged and is bathing the front of the house with light that has come too late for the back yard. A bit of afternoon and evening light is not unusual this time of year, but I sleep through the mornings and don't see if the clouds break up as often that time of day. The daffodils tell me they probably don't.

I wish I had plants that told me things more useful, such as how long that bottle of salad dressing has been sitting at the back of the shelf under the kitchen counter. What, it's eight months past its sell-by date? Or maybe I just need higher shelves, or maybe I should just check them more often to see what's been shoved to the back. There's stuff from last summer there that I've totally forgotten. I'd better check the other low shelves, too.

Oops. Interruptions. The hidden price of telephone service. Oh, I think I was done anyway.

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