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Buzzy [Mar. 8th, 2012|07:37 pm]
Yesterday I got buzzed by a mosquito, today a bee came after me. The bugs of spring are definitely on winter's traces, but this bit of balminess probably won't last. The next couple of days will be mostly sunny, but there's a chance of rain over the weekend and most of next week. For now, the birds are happy, but they'd better watch out. My eye is not on the sparrows, though, but on my thermostat. Too much chill in the air and I could end up with a bigger utility bill in March than I had in February.

The red azalea bush has started to re-bloom, with lots of fresh flowers among the dead ones that bloomed too soon and got caught in the frosts of February. The white azalea bush avoided blooming earlier, but now has half a dozen flowers on it. The coming cold probably won't be sufficient to damage the buds, but the rate at which the flowers bloom will probably slow down this week. It's best if something is saved for April, anyway. I'm wondering if we're going to get one of those really wet springs. We could use the water, but day after day of overcast sky is a bit depressing this time of year.

I still haven't arranged to get to the store and buy some of that bargain-priced Guinness before it sells out. I keep oversleeping. This afternoon I didn't wake up until almost three o'clock. Portia was annoyed at my delay in letting her outside, and swatted at me as soon as I began stirring. When I finally got up and opened the door she bolted out without a backward glance, and vanished for two hours. Maybe if she didn't keep me awake in the mornings by bouncing off the walls when I'm trying to get to sleep, she'd get let out earlier in the afternoon. Obviously she doesn't think these things through.