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This Bites [Mar. 7th, 2012|07:55 pm]
This evening an insect buzzed around my ear. It might have been a mosquito, though the day was rather chilly for mosquitoes. Perhaps they are growing more hardy. I hated the reminder that it will soon be mosquito season, though, and the threat to my ear was distressing. Ear bites are the worst. They always seem to itch more than bites elsewhere, and it's harder to get a satisfying scratch on an ear. I hope the bats are out doing their job. I don't hear any frogs tonight. The recent cold spell probably did many of them in.

I need to arrange an extra trip to the store this week, as St.Patrick's Day is coming up and the supermarkets have Guinness on sale. When the prices get really low (one store has six packs for $5.99!) they often sell out by Sunday, and I don't want to do without my favorite late winter beverage— or to have to pay the regular price for it.

The tabby kitten is behaving oddly. She is making loud calls, like a tomcat, and is also getting rather aggressive with the other kitties, even though she's long been the least brave of the three. Maybe she's actually a male cat with undescended testicles, and they're finally starting to drop. That would be quite a surprise, especially to the tom cat who killed the two males from Farah's litter. Crouching tabby, hidden tomcat!

Right now I've got Portia on my lap, and she keeps nudging my arm. I wonder why she won't let me type in peace. She wonders why I pet the keyboard instead of her. Cats.