rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Ah, Well

It was a bit cooler today, so I didn't have to sneeze so much, and didn't get the pollen ache I got yesterday. There's something that gets into the air on the first warm days that makes me feel as though I'd been getting whacked with a rubber hose for hours. Even the soles of my feet hurt. This detracts somewhat from the pleasures of the season. It's difficult to enjoy the new growth when you know you're being victimized by it.

I can enjoy the blossoms on the peach tree, because it's very unlikely that they are the source of the devil's pollen. However, peach blossoms are a pleasure not made for February, and pretty though they are, I know that their premature arrival portends a peach-less year. The chances that the weather will remain mild enough to allow the fruit to develop are, well, none at all. Sunday night a freeze begins, and it will be freezing for at least four nights in a row. We might even finally get an actual snowfall. The allergies will go away, and I'll get back to aching from the cold instead.

So it goes.
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