rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Beastly Day

I had a visit from an excitable dog this afternoon. The dog lives next door, and seldom gets out, so he was extra excited by his unexpected freedom. He came running into my garage, wanting to play, and as I didn't want to encourage him I decided to go back into the house, but when I opened the door he zipped right past me. It's a good thing Portia wasn't in the den, because she would have freaked. I shouted at the dog to get out, and he did, but then tried to get back in when I started to close the door. I shouted again, and he bounded off into the yard instead.

I'd intended to close the door from the den to the kitchen and then go back out and take the dog home, but by the time I got back outside the dog had vanished. My neighbor had discovered his escape and had gotten him back into her back yard. The whole thing happened so fast that I don't think the dog had time to leave any scent in the den, because when Portia finally went in there she gave no indication of being aware that any stray animal had been in the house. Even without a cat/dog confrontation, I'd say that was the most excitement we've had here all year.

It's too bad Sunni didn't live long enough to meet this dog. She loved playing with dogs, and probably would have been going into his yard to frolic all the time. Portia just isn't nay more fond of the canines family than she is of other cats.

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