rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The reason I've so often been posting my entries in the ungodly hours of early morning recently is because of my split-shift sleeping. I wake too late in the afternoon to write anything, and go back to sleep too soon after dinner to post anything then. When I wake up sometime after midnight, I wander in brain fog land for a couple of hours, then fire up the computer. I'm still in brain fog land, but at least my fingers are working well enough by five o'clock that my typos don't give the spell-check program conniptions. The main problem is that I have nothing to say at five o'clock in the morning!

There was a time when I had things to say at this hour, but that was long ago. These days I just sit listening to my tinnitus and the whirring of the computer, and no thoughts come to me. What I really want to do is go back to sleep, even though I'm not sleepy. I envy the cats, who have the amazing ability to go to sleep anytime. I have a heap of them sleeping on the back porch right now, and Portia is taking advantage of my absence from the living room to sprawl over a surprisingly large percentage of the couch. If she wakes up, she'll come in here and go back to sleep on my lap. If only I could be as good at sleeping as the cats are.

So I can't sleep and I have nothing to say, and I sit here making the keyboard click to no end while the night turns pale. In half an hour or so the birds will wake up and start being appallingly cheerful. What on earth have they got to be cheerful about? Don't they know the cats are going to wake up, too, and stalk them? Then I'll finally get back to sleep and miss all the drama. I so wish I could get back to my normal sleep schedule. This one bites.

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