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Blow [Feb. 16th, 2012|02:35 pm]
It's getting windy. I've been out listening to the pines moan. There are still enough dead leaves in the far section of the back yard that there's some autumnal skittering as well, although most of the dead leaves are under a tarp to keep them dry in the rain.

Each rain fills the low spots in the tarp, making little pools. The tabby kitten is fascinated by these pools of water. She sniffs at them, sticks her paw in them, and walks all over the tarp to examine each one. Sometimes her weight will displace the tarp enough to release one of the pools, which goes flowing downhill, getting her feet wet. Then she jumps aside and meows at the stream. Tabby is a very strange little kitty.

I must arrange a trip to K-Mart to get new pants. Another pair has developed holes, and is probably about to split. I'm down to three pair that sort of fit and aren't too worn out to wear outside of the house. If I don't go buy more soon, I'll have no pants to wear when I do get around to going, and K-Mart disapproves of customers wearing no pants. They wouldn't have that problem if the pants they sold lasted longer.