rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Just before midnight we had a furious thunderstorm that dropped lots of hail. It only lasted about fifteen minutes, but left the landscape white. I hope nothing caught on fire from being struck by lightning. The last thing we need is for the fire season to start in February.

Anyway, the storm woke me from an unintentional nap, even more effectively than the romping cats on the roof had done the other night. If I could arrange for loud noises every night, my unintentional nap problem would be solved. It's probably not a good idea to wish for such a thing though, California being prone to earthquakes. I'm sure an earthquake would wake me up, but having the chimney fall on me would most likely put me back to sleep almost immediately.

I totally forgot to buy a heart for my St. Valentine's Day dinner this week. It's so difficult to remember a tradition when there's nobody around to remind you. I didn't have a groundhog this year, either. I do hope I can remember to pick up an engorged liver for St. Patrick's Day.

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