rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Tomorrow I intend to buy cookies. Just in case we do finally get some snow, I don't want to run out of cookies. Not that it looks as though there will be snow, but there's been a shift in the storm track and now we're getting the southern edges of the storms that were staying north of here most of the year. Should another, slightly greater, shift take place, we could end up with a big snowstorm. It would be weird to have winter finally start halfway through February, but it's better than having the reservoirs go dry from lack of snow melting into them.

In feral cat news, Bellboy's injured leg has been improving rapidly, but half an hour ago I heard a cat fight nearby. I couldn't see who was in it, but I hope it wasn't him. He's just getting to the point where I could chase him away again and not feel bad about it. If he gets a fresh injury the day could be delayed. I'd like to not have him hanging around so much. He monopolizes the comfy spots on the porch, like the chair with the pillow in it, and the other cats then look for other places to hang out. They keep going into the garage, and then Portia runs into them when she goes out, and then she's unhappy.

I need fewer cats. And more cookies.

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