rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

More Random Crap, as Usual

Yesterday brought enough rain to make the downspouts trickle, which was nice to hear, but mostly it was just damp for thirty hours or so. A few weeds in the back yard have sprouted little purple flowers, and today they got some sunshine. The lawns are not yet entirely green. I'm sure there could still be more rain this winter, and maybe even some snow, but it won't be tomorrow. Tomorrow there's even a chance I'll be able to open the windows for a while and not make the house colder. A seventy degree day would be a welcome change— as long as it doesn't continue and confuse more plants into blooming too soon.

A third black cat has appeared. This one has white boots (well, more like short white socks) and a white patch on his chest. He's almost as big as original black cat, who I haven't seen for a month or so. The smaller black cat, Bellboy, (yes, I've named the stray cat with the bell on his collar) is limping around with an injured leg. Now I'll be unable to run him off without feeling bad about it, so I guess I'll feed him regularly, and he gets to sleep on the porch until his leg recovers. I'd rather he stayed with whoever put the collar and bell on him, though.

For the last few days I've been sleeping in near-perfect split shifts, about four hours in the middle of the night and four hours in the middle of the day. This is very strange, as I've always slept in solid chunks until recently, however odd the times of day those chunks arrived. I'd expect to feel worse than I do with such a disruption, but the only thing that bothers me about it is that I have to wake up twice a day, and waking up has never been a thing I've either enjoyed or been good at. In fact my ideal sleep schedule would probably be to sleep all winter and wake up in spring, then go back to sleep in late fall. That way I'd only have to wake up once a year. But hibernation wouldn't work for me because I'd get hungry, and being hungry always wakes me up.

Speaking of hungry, I forgot to eat dinner again tonight. Stupid Internets distracted me. I'd better go munch something.

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