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There's a full moon, and clouds are gathering. The air smells of rain, though the rain is probably a few hours away. The weather map shows that the storm is slowly approaching from the southwest, but that a couple of tiny showers have already fallen in the mountains east of here. I'm really looking forward to this storm, even though it will probably be at its fiercest tomorrow afternoon, just about the time I'm going out for my appointment with the chiropractor. Its fiercest isn't apt to be very fierce, anyway, and I won't need to make any other stops along the way. I shouldn't have to endure a total of more than a minute of getting wet, just going to and from the car twice. Totally worth it to get the lawn watered for free.

Portia got to see two of the feral cats in the front yard this evening, and she was quite displeased. A pizza was being delivered to the house next door to the south, and the tabby kitten went tearing across the yard northward, passing about ten feet from Portia. The pretty kitten was there too, but she's braver than the tabby, so she only retreated halfway across the yard from the pizza guy's truck and crawled under a bush.

Portia was so intent on watching the pretty kitten that she didn't even bother to chase the tabby, who vanished into the yard next door to the north. After the pizza guy left, Portia went after the pretty kitten, who then retreated around the corner of the house. Portia had to spend several minutes sniffing every place the other cats had been. I finally got her to come back indoors, where she demanded much attention— probably as compensation for having had her territory invaded. I was just happy that there had been no fight.

Watching the animated radar map is fun. A band of the storm has crossed San Francisco, and has most recently been dropping moderate rain on the Oakland hills. It looks like Stockton is getting some sprinkles. It should be reaching Sacramento in an hour or so, Marysville an hour later, then Oroville, and should finally get here between three and four o'clock in the morning, assuming its speed remains about the same. So far the moon remains visible here, though clouds drift across it now and then. I intend to enjoy the storm while it lasts. This could turn out to be the last bit of winter we get this year.

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