rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Mostly Cat News

Somebody has put a collar with a bell on black cat. Somebody must be looking after him, so I don't know why he comes to my house to eat. It's not like the cheap kitty food I put out for the feral cats is something special— unless the bellers are feeding him oatmeal or some such thing. Even dry Friskies is probably tasty in comparison to oatmeal. It's no cheezburger, though.

Anyway, as long as black cat has the bell I'll be able to hear him coming, and the feral cats can hear him even better than they did before. I don't know how long he'll have it, though. Cats are pretty good at losing things like collars and bells. I also have no idea where he lives. I don't think he's the same black cat who was hanging out across the street a couple of months ago. He looks smaller.

I'm also not sure what became of the bigger black cat. The people who lived across the street moved, but they only moved around the corner, and their new house is just as close to mine as the old one, so if the big black cat was theirs he ought to still be around, but I haven't seen him.

The delay in getting my head yanked means my neck is still annoying me. It's probably going to be more resistant to adjustment, too, and a difficult adjustment can mean a couple of extra days of discomfort afterward. I might feel crappy until late next week. Also, it might rain on the day I have my appointment, and it's definitely going to be colder that day than it has been lately. Cold is actually better for an adjustment than heat is, so that's not a problem, but I hate going out in the rain. Aside from me getting wet, my hoodie gets wet and smells like soggy cat. Maybe I'll launder it Monday night to get the cat residue out of it. No point doing it sooner, as Portia will just stink it up again when she naps on me.


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