rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The first day of rain was rather genteel— a few sprinkles, some intermittent drizzle, and the occasional rush of drops loud enough to be heard on the rooftop. Today has been more animated, with frequent downpours and some gusty winds that send the rain spattering against the windows. This storm has set the birds to chirping and chattering.

Usually, the birds make themselves scarce during rain, except for the acorn woodpeckers who congregate on the lee side of the utility pole in front of my house, but today there are also blue jays squawking and crows wheeling above the pines, and one robin sat on a branch of the mulberry tree for several minutes, just getting soaked. The birds must have missed the rain as much as I have.

The storm is supposed to grow more intense tonight. There will be stronger wind, which makes power outages more likely. I have brownies to bake (the cake-like confection, not the young girl scouts) and want to get it done before the storm intensifies, just in case the power goes out and my electric oven shuts down. Nothing worse than half-baked brownies. Well, no, lots of things are worse than half-baked brownies, but you know what I mean. Time to bake.

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