rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Time to Chill

I just spent half an hour getting some sort of error messages involving varnish every time I tried to open an LJ page. It was bad enough when LJ's operators were sniffing paint. Now they're huffing varnish? No wonder nothing works!

It looks like some actual cold weather is on the way, though the chance of rain remains minimal for the next few days. This would be the worst of both worlds; cold but dry. A really cold night or two will nip the buds, not to mention slaughtering all those flowers that have already bloomed prematurely. The chance of rain is supposed to increase toward the end of the week, but such projections have turned out to be failures so often this season that I'm won't be surprised of the storm evaporates again. If it does come, then all the plants with dead buds will get a nice, useless watering.

At least the mild first half of January will have saved me twenty or thirty bucks on my heating bill. I might not even have to skimp on groceries at the end of the month. But I might decide to skimp anyway. If the last half of January turns cold, there's no telling what February might do. It might bring the biggest gas bill of the year, so I'd better save something toward it.

Oh, and I totally missed Friday the 13th. In fact I slept through much of it. Does that count as bad luck? If so, then most days are now unlucky.

I'd better post this entry before LJ gets back on the varnish.

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