rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Happy Displaced Rose Parade Day

As I didn't do any partying over the holiday, my mood of post-party lethargy is inexplicable. Can you get a hangover from too many baked beans or too much coleslaw? Yeah, I probably ate a bit too much yesterday, but that shouldn't have brought on these doldrums. The vapors, yes; doldrums, no. Maybe it's the result of not partying. This was the 26th New Year in a row when I've done nothing but have an extra bottle of beer and listen to the noise other people make at midnight. The monotony might finally be getting to me.

There was no partying today, either. I fell asleep early this morning with the television on, and when I woke up there was a parade float with a long tank of water in which dogs were surfing. This was too much to wake up to, so I turned off the television and went back to sleep. I think I might have dreamed about a tsunami. If so, I blame those surfing dogs.

It doesn't help to know that it reached about 80 degrees in Pasadena today, and here I've had to have the furnace going and I'm still shivering.

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